Yogirelease® is a combination of Yoga and Restorative Exercisetm.

 The key is Nutritious Movementtm and Natural Movement.   Yogirelease® means moving in alignment and doing what will keep you feeling good.  In class you will learn exercises to strengthen under developed muscles to build a better aligned body. Walk, sit and stand with more comfort. 

Be more connected.

Yogirelease® will show you how to bring yoga into your everyday life. In class you will learn how to stretch when doing everyday tasks such as bending down to pick something up. You will learn how to work on your own body to enhance the yoga postures and deepen the fascia release. You will learn an innovative, simple way to stretch and work out the entire body that can be

 done anywhere.

In a yogirelease® class, the instructor will give you guidelines, but the rest is up  to you. In class you will be encouraged to use yoga props such as yoga balls to relieve stress and facilitate self-massage. You are encouraged to expand on  these guidelines. The basic tenant is that we can all heal ourselves; we know our bodies better than anyone else. Understand and nurture your power.

Do what feels good.